Abandoned Elderly. In the Land of Strong Family Values. New Delhi, India

When we speak about India, we often remember the world-known cultural tradition of joined families. Three generations living under one roof, with a number of distant relatives and their children…probably that’s where “Indian Drama” had originated. However, in the large society, such as India, it is common to have variations in attitudes towards cultural values and even more diversity in actions. The country had been rapidly evolving, the cities growing and people becoming busier and busier with their daily routines. That’s how nearly 18 million elderly people became homeless and forgotten by their families. This movie had been created not to show the harsh realities, but to encourage more people to think about their attitudes towards their mothers and fathers. Of course, we highlight the amazing work of Wishes & Blessings NGO, its founder Ms. Geetanjali and programme officer Ms. Rashmi, who put in their best efforts to make a difference in this world!