Delhi Slums. Charity & Expat Community

India is a country of contrasts. The gap between the rich and the poor is enormous. Despite our natural ability to see what we want to see, the poor part is too obvious in this country. Hence, many come with the purpose of helping out and making a difference for underprivileged. Anjali is a 22-year-old young entrepreneur. She was born and brought up in a very poor family in one of the central slums in New Delhi. She was very lucky to have an opportunity to study and get out of the vicious circle of poverty. We had a chance to chat with her and find out what life in the slum really is. It was quite far from the general impression. Especially, the one that the outside world has about India. She spoke about the toilet facilities, rent, people…of course, education and charity was our main focus. We could not exclude the big question about the expat community, whether we are really helping or making things worse. If you are about to travel with the philanthropical purpose, watch this video. Hopefully, it will help you understand and find the best way to bring positive changes to someone’s life. A special Thank You to Dr. Suman Khanna Aggarwal, the founder of Shanti Sahyog NGO for making a difference in this world!