Disability in India

Gulam Waris is a 15 year old boy, one out of five children his unemployed mother and, a laborer by day, father have. He has not been blessed with wealth or health. Instead, he is suffering from the array of illnesses….topped up with mental retardation. However, the minute you meet him, you know how special he is. Bright and cheerful, without any anger towards the world. Maybe, because he cannot rationalize and understand….And hopefully, he never gets to know the whole suffering he had to go through. Webcom Foundation is an NGO based in Delhi that has been helping Waris and other disabled children for some time now. What an improvement! But so much more to be done. Waris is in need of an urgent operation, as well as number of post op treatments. Ms. Vandana Sinha, the founder of this NGO, tells us more about what needs to be done and hoe YOU can help them. Unfortunately, there is not only one Waris….they have plenty in need of help. The situation will only change, if our mindset changes, says Ms. Vandana. So, let’s start today with raising the issue…and hopefully, things will change soon.