India from the first sight

Many people travel to India every year. Many face challenges and experience culture shock, but also fall in love with this amazing country. I spoke to a lot of people, and the majority have a very strong view of the place. Some negative, some positive but always very strong! So what is so special about India? What is so shocking? Well, the saying “do not judge a book by its cover” can easily be applied. Among the crowds, traffic, and pollution if can be a bit challenging to notice the positives. However, they are definitely there! It is also amazing how the answers differ between the short term travelers to the expats who had more time for the evaluation. It is interesting to learn about both. The four ladies from Spain who recently visited India were very kind to share their experiences. Apart from the usual tourist routes, they opted to volunteer in one of the slum schools for a few days of their vacation. Did they do it to change the world? They admit, most likely the desire to help was more of a wish to have personal experiences and only hope it can help someone else. In my opinion, India is all about personal experiences. This ‘disorganized chaos’ and ‘overpopulation’ definitely expose you to more experiences daily and teach you a lot of lessons. However, if you are unwilling to learn, most likely you find yourself packing your bags. It can only be a mutual connection:) What was your first impression on India? Any shockers you still remember? What do you think now?