Interview #3 Motherhood Abroad

“Look at India’s population, surely people know how to deliver babies here:)” Yes, this is funny and true! A lot of expats living in India have doubts about things, including the quality of healthcare and education, hygiene practices and general ways of “Indian” life. However, all this often comes from biased ideas about the place and its people that one can get from various TV programs that focus on demonstrating the most generalized stereotypes of one nation. At least in the capital city, New Delhi, the reality shocks and often pleasantly surprises. The country is growing and developing, and the gap between India and the “developed world” narrows down every single day. Natalia, is one of many, who moved to Delhi and started a family here. However, she is one of a few who made this choice positively, without fear and with full trust in her family. Let’s see what she has to say about the Motherhood in Delhi & how positive thinking helps her get through the daily challenges.