Interview #5 Local View

Diversity, multiculturalism, variety…those are all great things that work together to create something amazingly unique. However, it can also have a downside which will include disparity, cultural misunderstandings and biased judgments which can lead to the absence of a culture, or something that could unite individuals and let everyone move one direction. “India has never been one country,” says Safraz. His unique view on life in India, and especially New Delhi, gets us thinking about what is happening here. Are only expats who come to this country get confused with what “Real India” is and what it is not? Or do locals too struggle to explain? There is no right or wrong when we speak about such an incredible multicultural community. It is too vast, too vibrant and at the same time too confusing. What it comes down to is one’s responsibility to ask questions, find answers and make one’s own judgment, and Safraz adds his life moto to this list “Do the best you can do”. However, without an open mind and room in one’s heart to accept, it may not be possible to achieve.