Building an Educational Centre for Underprivileged Children

“Ability & Disability Under One Roof”

The 2020 lockdown had been very challenging for many of us. Schools, businesses, factories stayed closed for months. It seemed the decision to shut everything was immediate and the execution was done on the spot. However, coming out of lockdown turned out to be a much slower and confusing process.  

Together with International Volunteers, we tried to restart the centre for disabled children that have been previously run by the Webcom Foundation. We looked for sponsors, landlords who are willing to give us places on rent. We did not succeed. The universe had something else in mind for us. Something better and bigger.

“Mera Bachpan” (“My Childhood”) is a project by the Webcom Foundation that focuses on the welfare of disabled and abled kids. Together, we are BUILDING a new center for children in Thuglakabad Village. With the help of the Russian House Foundation, volunteers and sponsors we plan to make a REAL difference in the lives of underprivileged children.

Our Goals:

  • Build an educational center for underprivileged children in Tughlakabad Village where the nearest school is 2km away.
  • Provide a basic education that helps children gain admission to government schools.
  • Ensure children are healthy and physically fit by educating on nutrition and providing a midday meal to each.
  • Enhance children’s opportunities through cultural activities of theatre, dance, music, and learning a third language.
  • Offer a broad curriculum encompassing the academic study and personal, social and emotional development for able and differently able-bodied children.

How are we different from many other NGOs currently operating in the city?

– Our doors are always open! Whether you are a volunteer, sponsor, or just a curious observer, you will be able to visit the center and meet our children. Before that, you can visit the construction site too! We will be happy to show you around!

– We focus on QUALITY! We are not yet eligible to give out school certificates of various academic achievements, but we will ensure that our children are ready to join government & private schools and exceed their academic expectations within their age group.

– All classes will be conducted in ENGLISH and a THIRD LANGUAGE will be introduced at a later stage of center operation. Why?! It will open many opportunities for our kids even if they won’t be able to proceed with their studies.

We need YOUR help NOW! We encourage you to donate towards the project, run fundraising campaigns or use our charitable marketing plan to promote your business by making good deeds! 

For more information, please download PDF files or email us on [email protected]

For donations:

Paytm: +91 70423 46664
Google Pay: +91 70423 46664

AC NO : 919020088239492
Branch : Alaknanda DL, New Delhi, 100001

The receipts & tax exemption documents will be provided upon request. 

Thank you!