TITLYY The Travel Company

My name is Rohini Vachher and I was born in Kolkata – the city of joy and raised in DELHI – the capital of India. From the childhood, I always had a passion for travel and always wanted to pursue a career in the Hospitality industry. After finishing my education in Tourism, I worked for almost a decade in some of the major DMC’s. After gaining rich experience in the inbound tourism industry and with a long dream of starting my own venture and I also realized that there are independent female traveler who would love to travel across India but were skeptical to do so, Thus Titlyy was set up with an idea of creating the concept of providing travel companion to truly show India from a local’s prospective.

Titlyy Travels pride on being more than just a tour company. We create 100% tailor-made tours to the Indian Subcontinent. Whatever your travel interests are – wildlife, local culture & food, history, blissful beaches, solo trips, luxury and adventure or any combination of these, we at Titlyy are here to design a customized Indian Subcontinent holidays designed exclusively for you. And this is important; we don’t want to tell you what we think you should do. We listen to you and then combine your requirements with our knowledge and experience thereby helping to create an unforgettable holiday experience which is as unique as you are. About 50% of our tours are women-only with Rohini accompanying the travelers. The objective is to give solo lady traveler or small women group the opportunity to travel with a female guide who not only curates an itinerary but also adapts the daily programme to allow the traveler to “go with the flow”. So experience could range from getting invited to an Indian wedding to explore the lesser known but interesting market

For me travelling is a good way to get close to you and be delighted & relaxed. I treat my travelers as my friends/family and help them planning a customized tour. In her spare time, Apart from traveling, Rohini likes to do photography. She often travels on the weekends to capture beautiful INDIA.

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