Are you in India for some time and want to be more productive by helping those in need?

Is it just in your blood to travel and help those in need despite the country or a place you visit?

Is it just in your blood to travel and help those in need despite the country or a place you visit?

Finally, are you planning to come to Delhi or are you already here but have no idea where to start? 

Life Talk Delhi offers you the possibility to get involved in charitable work in Delhi

We offer you an opportunity to volunteer where it is needed, where the children and staff would be appreciative of your time and open to learning from you. Hopefully, you will learn a hell of a lot from them too! Yes, volunteering is a two-way street;)

You can join us for Volunteer Days

Also you can apply for a short or long term volunteering at Webcom Foundation centre for underprivileged disabled children and those effected by the pandemic & lockdown.

What to remember when Volunteering in India

Can I join if I don't speak local language?

It’s ok if you don’t speak the local language. Life Talk Delhi associates with the NGOs and Slum Communities located in South Delhi which are easily accessible by public transport or taxi services. It will be easy for volunteers to travel. Once you reach, your presence and smile will matter more than a few Hindi words you might learn by then:)

Is it safe to go to the slum area?

Yes, it is. Of course, you should always be mindful and respectful. Please mind your dress code! Try to restrain yourself from taking photos. Some things must be shocking for you and you would like to share the experiences with your friends, however, many people might see it as an intrusion to their privacy and won’t appreciate it. The best thing to do is to ask for permission to photograph. 

What to wear?

Well, you will be more comfortable wearing something less revealing when coming to the slum area or a center for disable children. No, there is no specific dress code. However, keeping it simple and revealing the least possible will make your experience safer, more comfortable and more respectful to other people.

Can i join if i don't have volunteering expirience?

If you have no previous volunteer experience, it is not a problem! We all learn as we go. There will always be someone who will be able to assist and guide you.