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“We Love to Wander, We Love to Explore, We Love to Experience & We love to do it Differently. We know how important it is for you to do the things you love to do especially on a vacation. We use our experiences  around the globe to Design & Book a Personalized WanderTrip just for you! Travel & Experience the World with us.” – this is what Ramit & Natalia have in mind for you. 

Experience travellers, they established “not just” a Travel Company. They have travelled  over the last 20 years  trying to get out of the regular ‘Tourist’ mode and Wandering where their hearts took them be it by plane, boat, car or on their feet .

Initially Ramit & Natalia travelled to the places which are considered ‘Must See’ and the regular tourist sights in every city. Being in a popular destination like Paris & looking up at the Eiffel Tower was a moment in life worth recording but some how something was amiss. The question in their mind was … Is that it, is it done! Is that what Paris or any other city or country is all about, an iconic structure? The simple answer to that was a big ‘No’.

They’ve planned and travelled to countries not on the ‘very popular’ list, they travelled driving between countries and taking detours to explore unchartered territories and we experienced emotions, moments and landscapes that took their breath away. Their Passion to see the world at every opportunity encouraged them to start a venture through which they would be able to share their love for travel and their experiences with others. The couple decided to Design travel experiences differently and based on what every traveler would love to do to make their trip memorable.

They will suggest trips to you based on their travels and experiences but at the same time the WanderTrip you go for should be for ‘You’ and not for ‘THEM’. Once you are back they would love to hear from you and share your experiences. They would love to learn new things from you to incorporate in their Trips and make future travellers experience them too.

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